Today last year me and my wife were running around busy getting ready for the night. A year has past now and we've moved in into our new home. A lot has passed and has happened and I can't wait for more in the future. I love you sweetheart.

Our story starts


Our Day
This year will be the first year my wife and I will be celebrating Christmas in out new home "61". Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone peace, love and joy. Merry Christmas Everyone


Our Angel
I've finally got the keys to my new home. My wife and I are so excited. Still along way before we can move in but we can now be happy with the thought that we own a piece of land on this beautiful earth. It's a brand new start to our lives and we can't wait to get started..
Stuck in a room where I don’t know what is going on, thinking it’s going to be a team building moment but ended a bash “me” day, and the crazy part was every one else knew about it except me. It was surreal experience. I went through so many emotions in one short period of time.

The opposition (my friends) was trying to put their point across in this “discussion” where they didn’t want to accept my feedback. Let just say it was suppose to be a day where everyone trashes out their problem that the team is going through, and everyone should be general about it. How do we be general about it… point the finger at me and accusing me of not being a team player. Wow, “no specifics”. This is when the hurt sets in…followed by feeling confused, then defensive but I still heard them out. These are my friends and colleagues. I was so blur at this point. I thought a team was a group of people working towards a common goal. So if I work hard for the “goal”, put in the hours, pour my heart and soul to achieving the goal isn’t that being a team player? Isn’t being there for anyone of the team members if they call on you for help being a team player? I tried to explain this point almost in tears but apparently those things don’t make me a team player. I was accused of being a snitch as well. Wow they really don’t know me.

Now, I found the two main players of the prosecution team amusing after awhile. Let me tell you of the first one. He contradicted himself so much that it was funny. First he talked about himself being a great team player then turns around and says he’s doing it all for himself. Wow, a team player. He goes around with a guy who helps him and says I’ve got you back but on the same night kicks the person out of the room because he was busy. Wow what a team player. He goes on talking in circles and accusing me of not being a part of the team. This point, I’m almost to the point of bursting out laughing but that would just be rude. I was accused of being insecure of my position at work, but my close friends would know the truth. I was actually at one point in time, cocky about my position at work and what I had achieved. Well, I think the true story is that he is upset with my bosses and his position. His agenda was against my position and why isn’t he getting enough credit and limelight for all the work he has done.

Now comes the best part where I needed to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. Prosecutor number 2, she accused me of being artificial, of not being real. Let me tell you about this one. She is one the most artificial person I’ve ever met. I wanted to so much to say “Excuse me miss plastic, would you mind running through this card reader. Will that be master or visa?” but I didn’t, because all of them were in a different state of mind and wouldn’t want to listen to anything else. Now this girl goes on to say that I can’t be trusted. Hmmm coming from a person who I think will use you till she’s got what she wants then dump you like a ton of bricks (and it has happen twice already). Want to know her agenda in this, she is upset with my bosses about the position she is in. She thinks she is bigger then the “goal” and is upset that me and my partner are in better positions.

Now you will ask why didn’t they attack your partner?? Ah, now that is a good one. My partner (my bro) is friends with them and shares his thoughts with them and that is a good thing. I am glad for him and I would like to say “I’ve got your back, my brother, but you better watch your back because I really don’t trust these people”. My partner and I needed to work a few things out too. I had plan to do that on a weekend getaway with him but something came up and he couldn’t come, so I was planning to do that after this weekend because I know him well and how he will react to my comments, but then this whole incident happened. I will speak to him and we will work it out. I’m sure of that. We’ve been through a lot.

So, remember who our friends are. And if you’re wondering how the word “team” is spelt nowadays, it’s tIeam, because there is apparently a capital “I” in the word “team” to some people.
It’s been a busy 2 weeks at work for me. I came close to the point of melt down until my wife stepped in. This weekend was one of the best I’ve had. My wife took me away to the place we love to relax. It was my birthday present and my wife made me feel like a king. As soon as we arrived at our destination I could already feel my stress leave me.

We did a lot and nothing at the same time, and after this long vacation I feel all the stress gone.

Thank You my dear sweetheart. How long was I away you may ask…. 1 week??? My boss won’t allow it. 3 days and 2 nights…. But it did feel like a week of relaxation with my wife, … in my mind
Recently my company celebrated it’s 8th Birthday. It was a tiring party and was very hot. There were loads of people there partying and yes I have to admit I was having fun, but it was more work than fun. The best part of the night was not at the party but later on. My wife and I along with a few friends decide to go some where to have a bite and some drinks. We ended up in this place called Bull Dogs. It looked like a nice quiet pub so we sat down. We decided to have something to eat first before we have a drink. You know, everyone thinks that when you have drinks the party will be good… this time it was different. As soon as the food came out everyone forgot their drinks.

It goes to show, good food and good company, no matter where you are. You’ll have a great time.. I know I did.

It was Tuesday 8th of February, 2005. I received my Christmas present from my wife. She told me on Christmas what she was getting for me and that it’ll only come in a few months. I’m more then willing to wait for this present. Let me introduce you to JiP (JJ’s iPod).

It’s beautiful one of a kind. Yes one of a kind because this is from my wife. At the moment I have 654 songs on it…9346 more to go.

What God gives, God can take away easily. I’m talking about the phone I waited 2 months to get… and I lost within 2 weeks... bummer huh!! Lost it while I was chilling at Cyber View Lodge on my little get away with my wife. I remembered when I had the phone, I used to complained and looked at the things I didn't like about the phone, never looking at the things I liked. Now that I’ve lost my phone… I miss my good free phone… but let’s look at the bigger picture here. We seem to take everything we have for granted. Never counting our blessings. The water we drink, the electricity, the person lying next to you. Let’s not just wait for a day like Valentine’s Day to show that you care and you’re glad you have the people you love next to you.

The story begins last October. I was planning to buy a new mobile phone (because the one I was using can be put on display in a museum), so I went about looking at phones but never bought one... It was a scary thought to think you'll have to drop more then half of your months pay on something that is small and you can loose in a second... so I did what came to me naturally.. I procrastinated.

I love watching football on ESPN and there is a game where you'll have to guess the man of the match for a particular game through SMS to win a phone. It's open to people all over Asia but hey you never know even though sometimes I think "are they actually letting people win??" (That was back then).

I remember watching the report after the game and the commentators giving the result of the man of the match. I was so excited about me guessing the right person that I didn't notice my name. My hands shot up into the air in triumph with the knowledge I was right and 2 seconds later I see my name there. Then it hits me... I won a phone. Yes you do know someone you actually won now..

Last week I finally received my phone. It's a Nokia 7260 it was worth the wait, and if you're wondering what happen to my old phone... (the museum is calling, got to run)

You know my wife recently celebrated her birthday... and guess what, she bought me a new laptop bag.. Yes her birthday... my new bag. I love my wife..

It's the coolest bag in the world. I LOVE the colour, I LOVE the way it looks and most importantly my wife got it for me.. What's new with you??
It was the 5th of January. As usual I am awake by 4.45am cause I have to be in the office at 5.30am. I wish I was at home so that I can be there when my wife wakes up but.... It was the first time I'll be celebrating my Sweethearts birthday as Husband and Wife. I was going to make this day special even though I was not there at home beside her.

I had it all planned... I reached the office and left her a message on the phone, you know the I Love You's and also a little Birthday song. Then next I sent her an E-Card cause I know she will be checking her email. So far everything going as plan. Work starts and I had more planned. I ordered some flowers from and asked for an early morning delivery. This is where the problems starts.

You see Wednesday is the longest day of my life. Besides working on air I have to shoot till about 4.00pm, so I though the flowers will be there when she is sitting at home reading the papers as usual cause I know she's got lunch plans. So as soon as I finish my show I call these "blooming Idiots" to confirm my order. They assure me everything is running as plan. I walk into my shoot with a smile on my face knowing my wife will be surprised and happy.

When I break for lunch I give my wife a call.... after a few minutes of talking, I'm thinking "hey no mention of the flowers... I don't think it's there yet". So as soon as I hang up on my wife I call these "blooming Idiots" and guess what... "Sorry sir, the flowers are not there yet. Don't worry it'll be there before 1.30pm" and I'm thinking "they better" .

Lunch, then more shooting and I'm headed back home to do some work before I see my wife. My wife is out for lunch with her friends. When I get home I don't see the flowers. I see a big ribbon on the table and I think "that's odd". I give these "blooming Idiots" a call again and they say "yes sir the flowers have been delivered". I smile knowing my wife would have been surprised and happy and is now holding the flowers beaming. I do my work and rush to hug my wife. When I see her I hug her wish her Happy Birthday Sweetheart and ask her about the message. She smiles. I ask her about the E-Card and I get another smile. I hid a birthday card in her iBook bag and she found it. I LOVE my wife's smile. It's beautiful

Then my plan goes down hill from here... I ask her about the flowers.... "What flowers??" she replied. The dreaded words.. What has these "blooming Idiots" done.

I call these "blooming Idiots" to F#*!! them up and cancel the order because by now the surprise has just been flushed down the drain. The say it is already near my house. So I say no.. I want the flowers delivered to where I'm having dinner which is only 10 minutes away fromwhere I live. This is 7.30pm and they say OK. We head off to dinner and wait for the flowers.... Guess what time the "blooming Idiots" finally get the flowers to my wife, 8.30pm. A full 12 hours from the time I wished she would receive it.

She loved the flowers and I knew she would. I just wished it would have been there earlier.
So to the "blooming Idiots" , thanks and no thanks..