I checked the last date I've added an entry and it's been a long time. I feel like starting again. Just a thought or 2 here and there.
I realize a blog is like a pensive (a stone basin in the Harry Potter Stories that hold memories and allow you to revisit them). It helps you remember and I guess I've lost some details since I last blogged. Oh well such is life.

Quick update, my son is now 2 +(see the picture. Not a boy anymore but a little man) and .... I'll save the and for another day when I can actually can say and... Other then that life has been almost the same. I actually have nothing to write about today, just felt like putting something down.

I must start somewhere right why not the 11.10.09 (that's 11th of October 2009 if you were wondering) I just realize it's a cool date. I guess I'm off to a good start again. Till the next blog..
in the wise words of Jason Mraz = Live High, Live Might, Live Righteously