Another year to look forward too. What will it bring? What will I learn? All these questions running in our heads. Looking back at 2005, sometime I don't believe I've achieved the things I've done. It might not be big to some but it's huge in my life.

The biggest thing for me and my wife was buying out first home IMG_00661.
Seeing it for the first time in May,whorehouse peach walls to be repaintedsoon-to-be wet kitchenmaster bedroomexisting dry kitchen, future dining area
to the renovations Another wall bites the dust, then moving in December.
I remember starting 2005, I never thought we would be able to get ourselves a home. I remember thinking about it, wishing for it but never imagine that it would be possible. Now I'm celebrating my first Christmas Glowing in my new home with my wife

As I look back on 2005 I remember my first wedding anniversary. My first year in my new slot. The advancement in my career, learning new things, I can't wait to see what 2006 will bring for me and my wife.