Wow what a start to the year and I get fucked again. I can't say that I'm surprised but I was hoping loyalty and hard work will be rewarded. Aparently not.

A year ago I signed a 2 year contract with the company I work for. I didn't like what was written on it but the company was facing a bad year. Besides that my boss told me don't worry we would be able to discuss the contract at year end again if all goes well. All did go well. We mantained our position even though I was face with a new partner.

So naturally I would think this would count for something. HAH! How I was wrong. Apperently company didn't do good so nothing extra for my hard work. Normally this wouldn't bother me but when I find out internally the are a certain few who are getting their extras even though their department in way below mine, what the fuck man.

When I asked about the extras my boss tell me "maybe, let me see if there is any marit for the extra". How about I mantained the position even with a new partner. Don't get me wrong I have much love for my old partner but why is he getting more when he abondon ship and I help steady it.

Does good things happen to those who wait or to those who make the most noise, create the most fuss and hangs out with the boss. I think the latter. What the fuck man. Loyalty is repaid with a knife in the back with the words thank you dumb dumb ingraved on it.

Last time I get fooled. From this point I come first. My collection of knives in my back is more then complete