I was working today when I got a call. Come back now!! It's time? What now

I rush home to find my wife packed and ready to go. I pack my camera and we're off to the hospital.

We reach there and she goes upstairs while I park the car. Get the bags and I go upstairs. I reach the labour room and she is in her gown already in the bed strapped up.

The nurses inform me that I have to go downstairs to register. I do so and come upstairs. I find out that the doctor is there and they broke the water bag.

When my son was born, it was 4 hours after the water bag broke. So I thought 'ok there's time'. How wrong I was.

The water broke at 9am and my baby girl was born at 9.51am.

I would like to introduce Caelyanne Josefina Loke Fernandez to the world. Caely = slender & Anne = Grace. My little princess

She looks a lot like her brother. Can you tell the difference?

How time flies. I still remember the day my wife told me to check on the vitamins. She put the home pregnancy test next to the bottle of vitamins. The result showed positive. Me, just coming back from work, checked on the vitamins and said "what's wrong. Every thing looks ok what" it took me a full minute to notice the result

Just to make sure we got a different test and tested again

Once again it was positive. Then came the doctor, some worries as the earlier post explains and now I'm here again waiting for the doctor once more for a normal check up

Wow a month and a bit more to go before I can hold my little girl in my arms. Isn't life amazing. Daddy loves you and can't wait to meet you