Recently my company celebrated it’s 8th Birthday. It was a tiring party and was very hot. There were loads of people there partying and yes I have to admit I was having fun, but it was more work than fun. The best part of the night was not at the party but later on. My wife and I along with a few friends decide to go some where to have a bite and some drinks. We ended up in this place called Bull Dogs. It looked like a nice quiet pub so we sat down. We decided to have something to eat first before we have a drink. You know, everyone thinks that when you have drinks the party will be good… this time it was different. As soon as the food came out everyone forgot their drinks.

It goes to show, good food and good company, no matter where you are. You’ll have a great time.. I know I did.

It was Tuesday 8th of February, 2005. I received my Christmas present from my wife. She told me on Christmas what she was getting for me and that it’ll only come in a few months. I’m more then willing to wait for this present. Let me introduce you to JiP (JJ’s iPod).

It’s beautiful one of a kind. Yes one of a kind because this is from my wife. At the moment I have 654 songs on it…9346 more to go.

What God gives, God can take away easily. I’m talking about the phone I waited 2 months to get… and I lost within 2 weeks... bummer huh!! Lost it while I was chilling at Cyber View Lodge on my little get away with my wife. I remembered when I had the phone, I used to complained and looked at the things I didn't like about the phone, never looking at the things I liked. Now that I’ve lost my phone… I miss my good free phone… but let’s look at the bigger picture here. We seem to take everything we have for granted. Never counting our blessings. The water we drink, the electricity, the person lying next to you. Let’s not just wait for a day like Valentine’s Day to show that you care and you’re glad you have the people you love next to you.