I'm going to be a Dad. Just saying that makes me smile. I'm just so overrun by emotions. I'm happy, excited, and at the same time scared. I've been waiting to be a Dad for a long time and in either late July or early August, I'm going to be one. I don't know if it's a boy or girl but for now he/she is so small my wife and I are calling he/she "DOT".

The apple of my eye

Let me explain the pictures. First one is both the pregnancy test my wife did show the positive result. Second is Dot's first photo. Third is the pendent I got for my wife for dot. It's the apple of my eye (referring to both my wife and DOT). And the forth picture is my beautiful wife.

When I heard the good news the first song that came to my mind was this song :

I love it and hope my wife does too.

My wife and I don't want to know the sex of DOT. A girl or A boy either way Dot is ours. Okay before you ask, nope still haven't decided on a name yet. Will keep you updated.

Why am I happy, are you kidding!! I love kids and now I have someone who is one half my wife and one half me. A person who is the product of our love. A being put on this earth partly because of me. Someone I can take care of, love, guide & nature. Someone who hopefully sees me as a hero in there eyes as I see him/her as a precious gift from God entrusted to my wife and I to take care of.

Why scared?? The answer is simple. Can I do it?? My wife I know will be a great mother but what about me?? Will I be a good DAD. Show right from wrong. Do right by DOT.

I will know when I have Dot in my arms. With my wife next to me I'm not afraid.... I know I can. I must.