Stuck in a room where I don’t know what is going on, thinking it’s going to be a team building moment but ended a bash “me” day, and the crazy part was every one else knew about it except me. It was surreal experience. I went through so many emotions in one short period of time.

The opposition (my friends) was trying to put their point across in this “discussion” where they didn’t want to accept my feedback. Let just say it was suppose to be a day where everyone trashes out their problem that the team is going through, and everyone should be general about it. How do we be general about it… point the finger at me and accusing me of not being a team player. Wow, “no specifics”. This is when the hurt sets in…followed by feeling confused, then defensive but I still heard them out. These are my friends and colleagues. I was so blur at this point. I thought a team was a group of people working towards a common goal. So if I work hard for the “goal”, put in the hours, pour my heart and soul to achieving the goal isn’t that being a team player? Isn’t being there for anyone of the team members if they call on you for help being a team player? I tried to explain this point almost in tears but apparently those things don’t make me a team player. I was accused of being a snitch as well. Wow they really don’t know me.

Now, I found the two main players of the prosecution team amusing after awhile. Let me tell you of the first one. He contradicted himself so much that it was funny. First he talked about himself being a great team player then turns around and says he’s doing it all for himself. Wow, a team player. He goes around with a guy who helps him and says I’ve got you back but on the same night kicks the person out of the room because he was busy. Wow what a team player. He goes on talking in circles and accusing me of not being a part of the team. This point, I’m almost to the point of bursting out laughing but that would just be rude. I was accused of being insecure of my position at work, but my close friends would know the truth. I was actually at one point in time, cocky about my position at work and what I had achieved. Well, I think the true story is that he is upset with my bosses and his position. His agenda was against my position and why isn’t he getting enough credit and limelight for all the work he has done.

Now comes the best part where I needed to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. Prosecutor number 2, she accused me of being artificial, of not being real. Let me tell you about this one. She is one the most artificial person I’ve ever met. I wanted to so much to say “Excuse me miss plastic, would you mind running through this card reader. Will that be master or visa?” but I didn’t, because all of them were in a different state of mind and wouldn’t want to listen to anything else. Now this girl goes on to say that I can’t be trusted. Hmmm coming from a person who I think will use you till she’s got what she wants then dump you like a ton of bricks (and it has happen twice already). Want to know her agenda in this, she is upset with my bosses about the position she is in. She thinks she is bigger then the “goal” and is upset that me and my partner are in better positions.

Now you will ask why didn’t they attack your partner?? Ah, now that is a good one. My partner (my bro) is friends with them and shares his thoughts with them and that is a good thing. I am glad for him and I would like to say “I’ve got your back, my brother, but you better watch your back because I really don’t trust these people”. My partner and I needed to work a few things out too. I had plan to do that on a weekend getaway with him but something came up and he couldn’t come, so I was planning to do that after this weekend because I know him well and how he will react to my comments, but then this whole incident happened. I will speak to him and we will work it out. I’m sure of that. We’ve been through a lot.

So, remember who our friends are. And if you’re wondering how the word “team” is spelt nowadays, it’s tIeam, because there is apparently a capital “I” in the word “team” to some people.