The story begins last October. I was planning to buy a new mobile phone (because the one I was using can be put on display in a museum), so I went about looking at phones but never bought one... It was a scary thought to think you'll have to drop more then half of your months pay on something that is small and you can loose in a second... so I did what came to me naturally.. I procrastinated.

I love watching football on ESPN and there is a game where you'll have to guess the man of the match for a particular game through SMS to win a phone. It's open to people all over Asia but hey you never know even though sometimes I think "are they actually letting people win??" (That was back then).

I remember watching the report after the game and the commentators giving the result of the man of the match. I was so excited about me guessing the right person that I didn't notice my name. My hands shot up into the air in triumph with the knowledge I was right and 2 seconds later I see my name there. Then it hits me... I won a phone. Yes you do know someone you actually won now..

Last week I finally received my phone. It's a Nokia 7260 it was worth the wait, and if you're wondering what happen to my old phone... (the museum is calling, got to run)

You know my wife recently celebrated her birthday... and guess what, she bought me a new laptop bag.. Yes her birthday... my new bag. I love my wife..

It's the coolest bag in the world. I LOVE the colour, I LOVE the way it looks and most importantly my wife got it for me.. What's new with you??
It was the 5th of January. As usual I am awake by 4.45am cause I have to be in the office at 5.30am. I wish I was at home so that I can be there when my wife wakes up but.... It was the first time I'll be celebrating my Sweethearts birthday as Husband and Wife. I was going to make this day special even though I was not there at home beside her.

I had it all planned... I reached the office and left her a message on the phone, you know the I Love You's and also a little Birthday song. Then next I sent her an E-Card cause I know she will be checking her email. So far everything going as plan. Work starts and I had more planned. I ordered some flowers from and asked for an early morning delivery. This is where the problems starts.

You see Wednesday is the longest day of my life. Besides working on air I have to shoot till about 4.00pm, so I though the flowers will be there when she is sitting at home reading the papers as usual cause I know she's got lunch plans. So as soon as I finish my show I call these "blooming Idiots" to confirm my order. They assure me everything is running as plan. I walk into my shoot with a smile on my face knowing my wife will be surprised and happy.

When I break for lunch I give my wife a call.... after a few minutes of talking, I'm thinking "hey no mention of the flowers... I don't think it's there yet". So as soon as I hang up on my wife I call these "blooming Idiots" and guess what... "Sorry sir, the flowers are not there yet. Don't worry it'll be there before 1.30pm" and I'm thinking "they better" .

Lunch, then more shooting and I'm headed back home to do some work before I see my wife. My wife is out for lunch with her friends. When I get home I don't see the flowers. I see a big ribbon on the table and I think "that's odd". I give these "blooming Idiots" a call again and they say "yes sir the flowers have been delivered". I smile knowing my wife would have been surprised and happy and is now holding the flowers beaming. I do my work and rush to hug my wife. When I see her I hug her wish her Happy Birthday Sweetheart and ask her about the message. She smiles. I ask her about the E-Card and I get another smile. I hid a birthday card in her iBook bag and she found it. I LOVE my wife's smile. It's beautiful

Then my plan goes down hill from here... I ask her about the flowers.... "What flowers??" she replied. The dreaded words.. What has these "blooming Idiots" done.

I call these "blooming Idiots" to F#*!! them up and cancel the order because by now the surprise has just been flushed down the drain. The say it is already near my house. So I say no.. I want the flowers delivered to where I'm having dinner which is only 10 minutes away fromwhere I live. This is 7.30pm and they say OK. We head off to dinner and wait for the flowers.... Guess what time the "blooming Idiots" finally get the flowers to my wife, 8.30pm. A full 12 hours from the time I wished she would receive it.

She loved the flowers and I knew she would. I just wished it would have been there earlier.
So to the "blooming Idiots" , thanks and no thanks..